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Hey Lovers! I'm so excited to share my new Reels. Here are some videos that I've either Directed, Composed, Sung, Edited, Colored, and Produced or all of the above.

"Give A What" is the first single off of the "Vintage ishQ Collection". All the songs from "Vintage ishQ" have been recorded over the years some dating back over a decade now! "Give A What" is a bass heavy Hip-Hop song with some fun / party raps. It was first wirtten and recorded in September 2012. Desi Ma joined the track in 2020. The video was shot in ishQ's birth city of Winnipeg, Canada which also happens to be Desi Ma's hometown. ishQ is known for doing concept/story based videos but this one is a pure performance-style video. He can be seen showing off his kung-fu sword skills while rapping and Desi Ma has an effortlessly cool presence in her performance. This song is sure to bang hard in cars and clubs!

ishQ Bector is a Music Artist/ Filmmaker born and raised in Canada, with Punjabi roots. He first burst onto the music scene with the famous “Aye Hip Hopper” music video which has achieved cult status for Indian Hip-Hop. ishQ has been working closely with the “After School of Hip-Hop”, a school in Mumbai’s Dharavi slums dedicated to providing underprivileged children with an opportunity to develop their musical talents. He’s done full-length albums, live concerts, corporate campaigns, film and television background scores, and hit Bollywood songs in his career thus far.

Everyone keeps saying "We want the old Aye Hip Hopper wala ishQ", so I produced my unreleased songs from years ago that never got finished. Boys and girls, I present to you the "Vintage ishQ Collection". Songs that I'll be dropping all through 2022!


The song that started it all!


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